Healthier Pets

Premium supplements, treats & food for dogs & cats

As Pharmacists, we set out to create a grain free and natural range of foods, treats and supplements to make your decision on what to feed your pet an easy one. As a responsible pet parent you want the best for them. Your pets deserve to be happy, healthy members of the family, and you deserve quality time with them.

proudly australian sourced, made & owned

Meaning the highest quality and freshest ingredients for your pet, leading to long term, positive health benefits and less vet visits.

natural, grain free, high protein ingredients

Pets need food that suits their biological makeup and doesn't lead to intolerance. As pharmacists, we scientifically formulate foods that naturally provide this.

quality small batch made daily

All our products are made in small batches daily using low-temperatures to 'lock-in' nutrients and maintain a fresh and tasty product for your pet.


Crafting pet food backed by scientific nutrient research using natural ingredients. Crafted, packed and sent from our Sydney Kitchens. Small batch made to ensure quality, freshness and delicious taste your pets love.


not sure what to feed your pet?

Find the perfect food based on age, breed, health needs, activity level and dietary needs to keep your pet happy and healthy.