High Quality Grain Free Dry Dog Food - Limited Ingredients

Natural single protein dog food is a great addition to support your dog’s healthy lifestyle. Vetalogica provides Natural Grain Free food for dogs that aids healthy digestion and overall well-being.

Each phase from food production to the manufacturing of the final product is performed within our own Australian kitchens. Vetalogica works closely with local farmers and suppliers to make sure only the most nutritious ingredients are used in our biologically appropriate foods.

How It Is Made

Food allergies are one of the most common reasons for pet owners to choose a grain free dog food. The grain-free, all-natural dry food prepared using chicken, salmon, kangaroo, and lamb is an excellent source of protein and energy for your dogs. This formula stimulates healthy digestion, joints, skin and coat. Even if your pet is completely healthy, they will still enjoy the taste of our natural food. Give your dogs a delicious natural food so they can live happy and healthy.

Best Grain-Free Dog Food in Australia

As a dog owner, you are looking for foods that rely on quality ingredients and create value to your dog's diet. The best grain-free dog food from Vetalogica contains more protein than most of those made from grain. In fact, our products tend to have significantly better quality in comparison to some less expensive grain-based foods as we use natural ingredients to make food healthier.

Buy Grain-Free Foods for your Dogs

Packed full of superfoods, Vetalogica offers a healthy way to feed your furbabies. Natural pet food products give high-quality ingredients — no artificial colours, additives or flavours, which can be harmful to your dog. We have the most extensive range of Grain Free dog food varieties in our stores. A food that will make your dog look and feel the best inside and out.

Vetalogica Naturals dry food includes high-quality proteins, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and healthy oils that support your pet’s immune system, aid digestion, metabolism and muscle growth. Omega fatty acids help to keep skin and coat radiant while promoting joint health to successfully maintain an active lifestyle.

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Do you want to start your puppy with a grain-free diet? Ensure they still get all the vitamins and minerals they need. Feeding your puppy with grain-free dog food often results in a shinier coat and less shedding. To provide every dog and puppy with the most effective possibility of a healthy life, try Vetalogica Natural Grain-Free food.

We guarantee that all our products are made in compliance with the most valid and carefully advanced food safety protocols.

As always, it’s a good idea to get advice from your vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet. If you want to try our natural & grain-free diet for your dog, make sure to check out our range of products to choose from. Shop at Vetalogica online to select a perfect dog food that comes with an excellent flavour variety, high value and affordable price. Find the best grain-free dog food meal for your puppy's diet. 

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