Hemp Seed Oil Chews for Dogs

Pet parents just love Vetalogica products since we strive to provide the best natural and biologically appropriate food, treats and supplements for your pets.

Vetalogica offers products made out of hemp seed oil for dogs in addition to all of our other products as the hemp seed oil is high in nutritional value and has health-promoting properties for your dog. These hemp oil supplements collection includes 5-IN-1 Multivitamin Plus Supplements, Calming Plus Supplements (specifically for dogs with anxiety to help maintain calmness), Hip & Joint Plus Supplements (supports healthy hip & joint function), and Skin & Coat Plus Supplements (helps maintain healthy skin and shiny coat). These organic hemp chews are natural and non-toxic supplements that your pet will undoubtedly enjoy, while pet parents can be confident they will only get positive results for their dogs.

100% Organic, Australian Made Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Dogs, like humans, can experience stress and anxiety in a variety of ways. With so many owners feeling lost, helpless, and unable to alleviate their dogs' anxiety, we knew a natural solution was required. Vetalogica’s natural products are wholly produced in Australia with the experience of trusted local pharmacists, veterinarians, nutritionists and flavour experts. Our available products include superfoods in your dog's diet for shinier, softer fur, moisturised skin, and overall improved health and well-being. Made and grown in Australia from organic hemp with no pesticides or GMOs, our hemp is 100% natural and sustainable. In addition to our Hemp seed oil supplements range, Vetalogica offers Hemp treats for dogs, Healthy Dog supplements, and Healthy treats for dogs. Our products are proudly crafted in Australia by Australians using Australian local ingredients.

  • It Improves skin and coat
  • It fights cancer
  • It decreases joint pain
  • It reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Protects the nervous system

Hemp oil, in addition to being an antioxidant, also strengthens the bones, eyes, liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system in dogs. It is a more effective alternative to fish oil and also helps dogs with digestion. Hemp is a very potent nutrient which can be effective for many health issues. Aside from the benefits listed above, hemp oil is highly recommended for a dog's overall health. It aids the faster recovery of younger dogs and puppies from illnesses.

Why Entrust Dog Products with Us?

Vetalogica has over 15 years of experience and the trust of our customers, so you can be sure to keep your pets happy and healthy with our products. We provide all-natural and delicious pet treats and supplements that promote healthy gut and digestion, improve skin and fur coat conditions, and more. Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals supplements are made from hemp seed oil and help dogs maintain a calm demeanour and manage anxiety, hip and joint pain, and skin and coat irritation. Shop with us now, and always be prepared for what your pooch needs. Call our pet care hotline for inquiries.