High Protein Cat Food - Biologically Appropriate

At Vetalogica, we offer a great selection of high protein cat food suitable for cats of all ages and breeds. All our products are biologically appropriate and contain only natural and the most nutritious ingredients necessary for your cat’s well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Our collection of Australian made high protein cat food provides a range of tastes and flavours - from meat to delicious seafood - to suit any cat while also supporting a sustainable daily diet.

Natural Proteins for Your Kitten

When you take your kitten home, feeding them correctly is crucial.. A food rich in meat and proteins is an excellent choice for modern kitties. Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate Kitten food contains a delicate balance of natural Australian made ingredients, locally sourced from farmers across the Hunter Valley and Regional NSW. Your kittens will enjoy natural chicken and duck meats that contain all the essential vitamins, minerals and balanced quality meals to help maintain a complete and balanced diet.

Grain-Free Food for Adult Cats

Just like humans, cats are prone to allergies or intolerances, and it is crucial to keep this in mind and provide the right food for your cat. We offer natural, grain-free cat food suitable for cats with allergies and sensitive stomachs, providing the best natural and isolated single proteins. 

As modern adult cats are mostly staying indoors, they have close to no opportunities to hunt and taste organic high-protein meat, which is important to keep muscles and joints healthy and flexible. Our Hunter Valley Harvest Cat food for adult cats is a perfect choice of high-quality animal and meat ingredients to keep them happy, healthy and maintain a sustainable diet for your cats.

Healthy Treats for Your Cat

All animals, no matter big or small, love delicious treats. And if those treats are not only tasty but healthy?

Aside from providing your cat with a high protein food, it is encouraged to support a healthy daily feeding routine with treats and supplements to sustain your cat’s well-being. At Vetalogica, we provide everything you might need for your pets. We offer healthy nutritional treats that will complement daily meals and help manage your cat’s well-being, supporting skin, coat and hairballs, maintain calmness, and help with hip and joint function as well as pain. 

Buy Vetalogica Cat Food Online

At Vetalogica, we make sure to provide the best product range that will suit cats of any age and breed, while supporting a nutritious, high protein diet and healthy lifestyle. By supporting local farmers, we source natural, Australian ingredients and craft  high-quality products in our local Sydney, NSW kitchens.

Look through our website to find the best high protein cat food options and explore various flavours. If you would like to know more about our products, call our pet care hotline  (02) 9729 2112 or 1300 881 730 and our specialists will help you with any questions you might have. Moreover, we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $29.

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