Treats play an important role in your pooch’s life. For the owner, this is one of the best ways to reward your pet for good behaviour or diligence, express your approval, and to pamper your dog.

The promotion of a treat is also about strengthening the relationship of trust between an animal and a person. It is important to choose the right treats for dogs so as not to harm the health of the pet. We recommend you to use Vetalogica VitaRapid dog treats. According to our customers, this is truly one of the best foods, rich in nutrients and combining the function of both a treat and a healthy food.

Moreover, you can now buy your favourite dog treats in bulk thanks to our bundle packs of 4, which allow you to save 25% on your order!

The assortment of snacks and treats for dogs offered on the market is very diverse:  training snacks, cookies, sausages, jerky and dried meat, tails, hooves, ears and dried tripe. You just fall into a stupor: what should I buy?

First of all, study the composition. VitaRapid Nutritional Treats are made from natural ingredients. You will not find corn, wheat or rice in Vetalogica treats. All delicacies are made only with natural ingredients that cannot harm your pet's health. Each product from our range uses natural ingredients made to provide your dog with specific benefits.

For instance, the special feature of VitaRapid Tranquil treats is their soothing effect. The composition contains a Soothing formula of chamomile, ginger and taurine that contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

On Vetalogica’s site, you can find a wide range of proudly Australian made dog treats and grain free dog treats. If you’re looking for dental treats for dogs, VitaRapid Oral Care is the right choice. The Yucca herbal extract benefits combined with the fast acting properties of the product range will help your dog maintain oral and dental care. We recommend using this product daily for optimal results.

Vitarapid digestive daily treats and joint care daily treats are also popular choices. Such delicacies can easily be taken with you for a walk or on the road to pamper your beloved. Vetalogica products are thought to be the best natural dog treats for training. And as mentioned before, all our product range is available in bundle packs, which is the perfect choice when looking for bulk treats for dogs, and come at an advantageous price.

Which treats to use for dogs during training? How do you find the most effective dog treat? If you are still asking these questions and have not found the right product for you, try Vetalogica's VitaRapid Nutritional Treats to be convinced of the high quality of this product from your own experience.

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