Hemp Treats and CBD Treats for Cats

Science has proven that hemp can be highly beneficial for cats. Based on this knowledge, our organic, non-intoxicating line of hemp treats for cats was created. Vetalogica offers a variety of products for specific purposes such as calming treats, 5-in-1 multivitamins, treats for hip and joint pain management and for skin and coat maintenance.

Our CBD cat treats contain organic hemp, chamomile, taurine, L-tryptophan, omega fatty acids and other nutritious vitamins and minerals. Each formula has been carefully prepared and tested by experienced pharmacists and based only on natural ingredients, which means no grains, glutens, no artificial flavours or colours and no GMOs. Your cat will love our delicious cat hemp treats with tasty Australian fish and sweet potatoes and you will notice immediate results after the first few doses. You can also get our organic supplements of hemp seed and hemp oil to give an even bigger health boost to your feline friend.


What are the benefits of hemp for cats?

Hemp treats for cats can be very useful for a number of reasons:

  • CBD helps to relieve pain and has anti-inflammatory properties, so if your cat has some hip and joint problems, for example, or experiences pain and discomfort in other body parts, our cat hemp treats can manage this and bring back that pep in their step once again.
  • Cats can suffer from anxiety and depression just like humans. If your cat has really bad separation anxiety, gets stressed very easily or tends to be aggressive and lash out a lot, give them some cat hemp treats to calm them down a bit and ease their nerves. Our products are non-intoxicating and won't make your pets drowsy or sleepy, just give a little serotonin boost.
  • Hemp cat treats can help with skin and coat irritation as well. Thanks to all the nutrients and vitamins in our formulas, your cat will be relieved of all skin issues while helping to maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

You can also try ourVitaRapid Nutritional treats for more fast-acting results as an alternative to our hemp cat treats.


Buy healthy organic cat treats at Vetalogica

Get your beloved pets the best organic cat treats and supplements from Vetalogica. Formulated by professional pharmacists, Vetalogica is dedicated to creating healthy, all-natural biologically appropriate pet foods that you and your pets will appreciate from the get-go. We are passionate about sourcing and manufacturing our products locally, supporting cruelty-free Australian farms, testing and creating our products in our very own Sydney kitchens. Each product adheres to the strict Australian Standard for Pet Food Manufacturing and contains all the nutrients and vitamins your pets need to stay healthy and happy. Get your natural cat supplements here at Vetalogica! We offer free shipping on orders over $29 and offer a “Subscribe and Save 20% off” for repeat deliveries.