Hemp Products for Cats

For every pet parent, seeing their beloved pets happy, energetic, flexible, and overall in healthy physical and mental state. At Vetalogica, we consider your pet’s health and condition as our utmost priority by providing the best organic hemp products. Maintaining a healthy diet and taking the right supplements helps your pets to gain a better quality of life.

Provide Your Cat with Extra Health

Vetalogica offers a wide range of hemp products, specially made to support a pet’s health and an energetic lifestyle. Our hemp supplements contain hemp seed and hemp seed oil, which help to maintain calmness, healthy skin and coat manage and reduce hip and joint pain while boosting the cat’s mobility and muscle flexibility. Our hemp clinicals multivitamins are natural and grain-free, and do not contain artificial colours or flavours, making those more sustainable and healthy for your pet.

Hemp is an abundant source of naturally occurring protein and organic omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which strengthen your pet’s immune system while supporting healthy organs and heart. Hemp oil is generally made by cold-pressing the hemp seeds into an organic culinary oil full of omega acids. Vetalogica strives to offer products that are organically-made and do not cause harm to your animal.

Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals and Effects

Many vets recommend hemp seed oil products to help an animal feel better, improve their overall health and mental condition. The nutrients found in our Hemp Clinicals contain necessary prebiotics, minerals, antioxidants and fibres to make cat’s skin healthier and transform their mood and relieve anxiety and possible aggression.

If you tend to travel a lot or leave your pet at home for long periods, your cat becomes lonely and stressed, something that is hard to deal with without proper medication. The calming properties of hemp included in our products can relieve anxiety, assist with sleep duration and quality and relax the whole body.

No matter which of our wide range of supplements you will choose, Vetalogica hemp products for cats also improve digestion system, support skin and fur condition, heart health and overall joint flexibility. Our hemp oil supplements for cats tend to soothe itchy skin irritations and dry noses, aiding blood circulation and helping keep the fur healthy.

Buy Vetalogica Hemp Products Online

Vetalogica always makes sure to take care of your cat’s health and help pet owners by providing products that ensure a healthy diet, mental health condition and flexible muscles. If you would like to add our supplements or treats into your pet’s daily routine, make sure to check our product descriptions and choose what fits best. Our website offers a wide range of premium hemp products for cats at affordable prices and a great mix of available flavours. We provide some of the best Australian made grain-free supplements with the highest quality results.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our pet hotline at (02) 9729 2112 or 1300 881 730. Our team of specialists is always happy to assist you and help you choose the right products for your cats.