Australian Made Cat Food

Vetalogica is an Australian family-owned business, supporting local farms and selecting the best quality ingredients for all our products. We only work with people and farmers who share our concerns about animal health and wellbeing as much as we do. This partnership allows us to maintain high-quality meat inclusions in biologically appropriate, authentically Australian made cat food.

Best Food for a Modern Kitten

Whenever pet parents own their own kitty for the first time, providing them with the best care and well-being becomes the most important thing. Maintaining a healthy daily feeding routine is essential to support a healthy growth and lifestyle for your kitten. In this case, our Biologically Appropriate Kitten Food is an excellent choice for you to start with if you want to offer a diet rich in meat and protein. This grain-free kitten food is full of essential vitamins and minerals to sustain a complete and balanced diet without artificial flavours, glutens or preservatives.

All Meat Dry Cat Foods

Just like people, our pets can have different tastes and might prefer certain food flavours. Our website offers a wide range of flavours for your cats, including seafood. Fisherman’s Feast Cat Food is a biologically appropriate product that includes nutritious mackerel and tuna meat sourced from local fishermen from New South Wales, offering the best nutritional requirements. This balanced quality food is full of essential animal oils and proteins to support complete and balanced feeding for your cat daily.

At Vetalogica, our dry cat foods are carefully cooked and locally crafted in small quantities to maintain constant freshness of the product. The Naturals Grain Free Salmon Food is a perfect option for adult cats that includes high-quality proteins, healthy oils and omega fatty acids to aid your pet’s well-being, support a healthy immune system, digestion and skin. The Australian sourced salmon is full of easily digestible high proteins and phosphorus for strong muscles, joints, and overall vitality.

If your cat prefers meat over seafood for the daily feedings, we recommend Grain Free Chicken Indoor Cat Food, specially made for indoor cats. The unique Superfood Boost formulation consists of all the nutrients essential for a sustainable and high-protein diet for an adult indoor cat. It provides enough energy, protein and fibre to keep your cat healthy while living an active lifestyle. This natural all meat cat food is specifically formulated for pets with sensitive dietary needs, revitalising the cat's passion for jumping, leaping around and playing.

Why Choose Vetalogica?

Like every cat parent, it is our priority to provide a sustainable, nutritious diet. We care about authenticity and support Australian farmers and fishermen who work with us using only natural and locally-grown ingredients to deliver high-quality cat food for our customers.

We sell a wide range of dry cat food online, offering choice for various meats, including grain-free chicken and real salmon. If you would like to know more, call our pet care hotline  (02) 9729 2112 or 1300 881 730 for any queries and questions.

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