Australian Made Premium Dog Food

Vetalogica dog foods consist of natural ingredients, cooked under low-temperatures that keep all the essential vitamins and minerals. Our goal is to produce the best and healthiest food for your dog!

Our Australian made dog food maintains high standards regarding ingredients selection while offering high-quality dog food. One of the main reasons why locally-produced dog food is preferable is because of the freshness of the products and the number of safe ingredients required for the pets. Australian made dog food easily meets the expectations for any healthy diet. It can be difficult to figure out what is really best for your pet when there are so many different options available, but buying locally-made is one of the best choices you can make. Vetalogica uses the best biologically appropriate, complete and balanced dog food ingredients, all produced here in Australia!

Picking the Best Proteins for Puppies

Keeping your pup healthy and strong is a must. If you are a pet parent with the first puppy or a dog FURever, it can be an overwhelming decision to select the right puppy food. Puppies are carnivores and need a diet rich in meats and high protein. At Vetalogica, we offer High Protein Food for Puppy - biologically appropriate with a tender balance of natural ingredients and a variety of 4 different meat sources. It includes the essential vitamins and minerals, without any GMOs, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, keeping your puppy’s diet complete and balanced. 

Grain-Free Dog Food and Flavours

Our website offers a range of grain-free dog food packed full of nutrients and  with authentic tastes and flavours. Our Vetalogica Naturals range assures that your pet will continue to grow strong and healthy. We offer Naturals grain-free chicken for adult dogs with our carefully selected superfoods and finest natural nutrient-dense ingredients. Packed with amino acids, high-quality proteins and yucca plant extracts, this dog food will support your pet’s healthy muscles and strong bones. It also contains B-Group vitamins for better metabolism and vitality as well as fibre and essential nutrients to boost the immune system and digestion. There is also a choice of hypoallergenic Grain-free Kangaroo Adult Dog Food and other meat varieties for your dog to try!

Australian Made and Owned and Their Benefits

Vetalogica is a proudly Australian made and owned family company that ensures high-quality meat inclusions in our dog foods. We believe in supporting local Australian farmers, which is just as important as crafting high-quality pet food. 

Buy Affordable High Protein Dog Food

Vetalogica’s pet supplements, treats and foods are carefully crafted, offering every pet lover the most balanced and healthy diet options. The polished product is managed in our very own kitchens and never outsourced to guarantee that the highest possible standards are met. Our natural pet foods with vitamins and minerals are delicately cooked and carefully crafted in small batches to ensure freshness.

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