Premium Cat Treats

Cats' sweet gestures always put cat lovers in a good mood. So lavish ​them with treats and affection. At Vetalogica, cat treats are meant to boost nutrition and come in many different flavours and styles.

Our cat treats contain a well-balanced blend of nutrients and vitamins, as well as an extra boost for oral health. Our cat treats are nutritious and delicious so you can add these to your cat’s daily feeding routine. This range includes hip & joint pain, skin & coat irritation, aggression & anxiety. For a more extensive selection of cats nutrients, you can browse our additional ranges such as our hemp treats for cats, Vitarapid fast-acting treats for cats, and Vetalogica Natural’s treats. Our products are carefully crafted and handled in our very own kitchens and are locally produced here in Australia. 

Healthy Treats for Cats

It is hard to figure out what kind of treats will be best for your cat. However, the ingredients selected in Vetalogica’s cat treats can be of great assistance to your pet cat. Delicious treats are a great way to brighten their day and even cheer your pet up on a lazy day. Cat treats are the way to go if you're looking for a simple way to reward your cat or if you want to pamper them with a little extra love.

Healthy treats for cats should be provided in moderate amounts every time. It’s a good thing to give your cat treats, but they should only make up a small portion of their diet. Cat experts warn that giving your cat too many treats can be dangerous and disrupt the feeding routine.

100% Australian Cat Treats

Locally made pet treats are a better and safer choice than those that are transported from various locations abroad. The localised process provides affordable, high-quality pet treats and pet health care products. Our products are made entirely with natural ingredients sourced from ethical farmers whom we know and trust. We only use high-quality meat in our natural cat treats and commit to producing grain-free and biologically appropriate pet food. You can be confident that you are providing tasty cat treats that they will enjoy and all of the healthy benefits that nature provides!

High Fiber Cat Treats

Cats are true carnivores that do not eat grass or vegetables in the wild, and some of them do not consume enough fibre to achieve full digestion. These treats contain a supplemental fibre with lasting health benefits to ensure that your pet gets enough of this nutrient while maintaining its overall well-being and a healthy body. The product is ideal for cats with digestive issues, but it is not recommended for pets who have sensitivities or allergic reactions. The best practice is always to ask the vet for proper and safe feeding instructions.

Our Commitment to Produce the Best Cat Treats

Vetalogica Cat Treats are made with natural ingredients and are scientifically formulated. Delicious and nutritious, proudly made and owned in Australia, with free delivery available. Browse our large selection of cat and kitten treats and products to give your feline friend a special treat. We are committed to using only the most nutritious ingredients in our biologically appropriate foods.

Why Buy at Vetalogica?

Vetalogica produces all the necessary products for the health of your pet. As a family-owned company, we make sure to support local farmers and use authentic natural ingredients.  Shipping is FREE on orders over $29. Should you have any enquiries, contact us on (02) 9729 2112 or fill our contact form.

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