Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Many cat owners are specifically interested in grain free cat food. However, finding the best food for your kitty can be difficult with so many different cat food types available across the market and so much conflicting information on the internet.

If your cat has a grain allergy, grain free food is unquestionably the best option. To help make things easy for you, Vetalogica sells the best grain free cat food for your feline that is natural and full of isolated proteins - perfect for cats with allergies, intolerances or sensitive stomachs.

Grain Free Dry Food for All Your Cat’s Nutritional Needs

Even the pickiest feline will appreciate the delicious flavours and grain free cat food that comes in dry formula available in various flavours, such as chicken, salmon, kangaroo, and lamb. The delectable textures will have your cat asking for more. Making sure your cat is getting the proper nutrition is a big part of keeping them healthy.

Produced in our Sydney Kitchens & 100% Australian Made

Choosing cat food is an important decision. This isn't the easiest task since there are now far more cat food options available on the market than ever before. At Vetalogica, we ensure that all our grain free cat food products are made directly in Australia, contain premium ingredients and are balanced, safe, and nutritious. We prioritise locally sourced Australian meats and the freshest vegetables, with a mission to produce healthy cat food.

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We are an Australian online pet company with everything you need all in one place. We stock some of the leading cat nutrition products in Australia such as cat food range, high protein cat food, kitten food and all of the other necessary natural foods for your pets. We also have a variety of treats that are sure to pique any pussy’s interest. We provide a trusted online source for high-quality, affordable grain free cat food. Order online now and get FREE delivery on orders over $29 and above

Why Grain Free Cat Food?

The dependence on protein is a significant health advantage of grain free cat food. Just like their larger relatives, cats thrive on protein in their diet. Choosing a grain free cat food that is high in nutrients and has a balanced composition is easy with Vetalogica.

In addition to the general health benefits of our natural cat food range grain free cat food is particularly useful in combating digestive problems and itchy/flakey skin conditions ensuring your cat’s taste buds are happy, their tummy is healthy and their coat is lustrous and shiny.

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