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Natural, Grain Free and High-Protein
Recipes for Kittens

Complete and balanced formulas that provide superior nutrition for your kitten.

High-Protein Recipes

Natural & Grain Free

Small Batch Made

Get your kitten off to the best start with highly nutritious, grain free foods

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Discover Vetalogica Kitten Food Range

When you get a kitten to your home for the first time, there are many things to consider - providing them with the necessary comfort and warmth, a pleasant and comfortable place to sleep, and, of course, healthy and nutritional food. Despite kittens being very small in size, they tend to be very energetic as they like to explore the world around them and play. In fact, it is crucial to provide kittens with the best and most suitable food while maintaining their well-being.

Best Food for a Modern Kitten

A great option for kitten food will be a healthy and sustainable brand that provides products with essential nutritional value for your pet. At Vetalogica, our primary goal is to offer a nice variety of kitten foods, including high-protein, natural and grain-free kitten food options. Our unique formulations include quality, local Australian meats, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and healthy oils to support kitten’s well-being, digestion, metabolism and gradual muscle-growth. To help you make a decision, Vetalogica offers kitten food samples, so you and your kitten can try a variety of options and choose the best for yourselves.

What Food Does a Kitten Need

Your kitten’s health is one of the most important factors to take care of when you get a kitten in your home. Kittens tend to have a very fragile, not yet formed immune system that needs to be constantly taken care of. Maintaining the same diet as an adult is not a good option because adult cats and kittens have different body structures and overall health. That is why grain-free and biologically appropriate foods, formulated specifically for kittens with sensitive dietary needs, are the most suitable. At Vetalogica, we provide the best kitten dry food high in protein with a great range of flavours for your kitten to try out.

Our Kitten Dry Food is 100% Australian Made

As an Australian made and owned brand, Vetalogica strives to support local farmers to source only the most natural ingredients and meats to produce the best kitten food in Australia. Locally grown ingredients, like farm-raised chicken, are usually not only delicious but also a great nutritious protein source full of amino acids that tend to aid healthy muscles and strong bones. Vetalogica’s Australian made cat food provides a cat with only natural and biologically appropriate high-quality food to assist with a healthy diet.

Why Choose Vetalogica?

Like every cat parent, it is our priority to provide sustainable, nutritious kitten food to maintain a healthy diet. We care about authenticity and support Australian farmers and fishermen who work with us using only natural and locally-grown ingredients to deliver high-quality cat food for our customers. We sell a wide range of the best kitten food in Australia online, offering a variety of meats, including grain-free chicken and real salmon. If you would like to know more, contact us or call our pet care hotline (02) 9729 2112 or 1300 881 730 for any queries and questions.