High Protein Grain Free Cat Treats

Finding the most appropriate products for your cat can be challenging. You're picky about the ingredients because you want your cat to be healthy and happy, your cat is picky about the taste because they want their food to be delicious.

Let us introduce you and your cat to our natural grain-free cat treats - Australian Naturals! They contain natural organic ingredients sourced from local farms and are manufactured in small batches in our Sydney kitchen. Our products have no grains, glutens, wheat, corn, no GMOs, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. They are suitable for cats of all ages and sizes. That goes for everything at Vetalogica. Check out our line of grain-free cat food for a much healthier option than the regular store-bought brands, boost your cat's health with our natural supplements and get them some premium treats for special occasions.

Healthy and delicious natural cat treats

Our range of natural meat treats for cats comes in several delicious flavours: chicken with peas, duck and potatoes, kangaroo with garden vegetables and lamb with pumpkin. All of the meat is sourced fresh from the local Australian farms and retains all the nutritious benefits along with the added vitamins from various vegetables. Each recipe was designed by our team of professional pharmacists and chefs to create the most delicious and healthiest meals for your lovely cats. We guarantee that your car will love our natural cat treats and you will be happy to notice immediate results of giving them only natural and grain-free products!

Vetalogica natural cat treats: made by professionals using local resources

Here at Vetalogica we are very passionate about pet care, so we give it our all to create only the healthiest, natural foods and supplements. We have experienced pharmacists working on our formulas, professionals chefs cooking our treats and all of that magic is happening here in our kitchen in Sydney, NSW. We manufacture everything by ourselves, adhering to strict Australian standards for pet food and using only the freshest ingredients from local farms. We don't cut corners by using artificial additives, grains and GMOs. By getting our products you are supporting local businesses and farms as well as the wellbeing of your cat. Take advantage of our Subscribe and Save 20% offer for repeat deliveries. We offer free delivery on orders over $29, so make sure to check all of our products, they are all amazing in their own right and just as healthy as our natural cat treats.