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Natural and Nutritional Ingredients Your Dog
Needs For Thriving

Provide your dog with the high in natural protein diet they require.


Why Feed Your Dog Vetalogica's
Biologically Appropriate Range?

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High Protein &
Grain Free

Tasty Meat Combinations

Natural, Grain Free with High-protein, quality and variety of meats dogs are evolved to eat offering complete nutrition the way mother-nature intended.

Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate Puppy Food


Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate Hunter Valley Harvest Dog Food


Vetalogica - Biologically Appropriate Fisherman's Feast - Dog Food


Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate Riverland Red Dog Food


Is High Content Protein food healthy for your dogs? For the dog parent, this is an essential part of the daily diet to consider. In fact, high-protein food is critical for dogs to maintain a healthy well-being as they’re meat-eaters by nature. Inspecting your dog's unsupervised eating practices isn't specifically the best way to tell what's good for him. At Vetalogica, we offer a delicious and healthy food for your pooch.

What Is the Amount of Protein Your Dog Needs?

A dog needs essential amino acids found in protein to thrive. Dogs must have specific protein digested in their diets for muscle and tissue repair and maintenance. It is important to look through the product marketing claims when shopping for your dog’s food and check the nutrition value label. High-quality protein sources should remain at the top of the list. However,  vegetables and fat sources should also be included. You should also pay attention to the vitamins and minerals as those are essentials for healthy nutritional food. This guarantees that you feed your pet with a high quality, high protein dog food that provides all the nutrition they need to sustain an optimal quality of life.

Why Australian Made Dog Food?

When you start wondering about providing everything necessary for your pet’s healthy well-being, Australian-made dog food is the obvious choice. We are proud to stand by our products with tremendous confidence in the production and manufacturing processes so that you can be as satisfied as we are. Supporting local products has a significant impact on getting high-quality ingredients and producing the best high protein dog food possible. 

Best High Protein Food for Puppies

Help your puppies’ growth by feeding them high protein dog food with the right amount of essential nutrients. It is essential to maintain a healthy diet and provide a necessary amount of proteins, especially in the early years of your puppy's life. Vetalogica offers natural and grain-free Australian made puppy food with a delicate balance of necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins to maintain optimum health benefits and results.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Pet

Vetalogica’s Biologically Appropriate Fisherman’s Feast Adult Dog Food is a blend of Australia’s best seafood, including nutritious mackerel, salmon and tuna supplied by our trusted NSW fishermen. Our high protein dog food with fish features many good nutrients and don’t contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Instead, it’s rich in essential animal oils to make sure your best friend stays healthy.

We also offer the Hunter Valley Harvest Dog Food, which provides complete and balanced nutrition throughout all life stages and is suitable for different dog breeds. It contains hormone-free chicken and duck, high in protein and low in carbohydrates, helping your pets fully grow with the right nutrition. It also includes minerals that are essential for your dog’s development.

Why Choose Vetalogica's Dog Food?

Here at Vetalogica, we care about your dog getting all the essential nutrients from their daily meal routine. We sell a wide range of dog food and treats online, including a selection of high-protein dog food, with various tastes available. Call our pet care hotline  (02) 9729 2112 or 1300 881 730 for your queries and questions.

Note: Please refer to the packaging for the feeding guide. Always provide fresh, clean water for your pets.