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Long Lasting Chewable, Natural

Long lasting & acting supplements maintaining the health of your cat
Chewable and delicious for easy dosing

Why Give Your Cat Vetalogica's
Natural Supplements Range?

Long Term Support and Management for:

Hip & Joint Pain

Feline Joint Support for Cats (long-acting supplement) works great in combination with VitaRapid Joint Care Daily Treats for Cats (fast-acting nutritional treat).

Skin & Coat Irritation

Feline Omegaderm for Cats (long-acting supplement) works great in combination with VitaRapid Skin & Shedding Daily Treats for Cats (fast-acting nutritional treat).

Aggression & Anxiety

Feline Tranquil Formula for Cats (long-acting supplement) works great in combination with VitaRapid Tranquil Daily Treats for Cats (fast-acting nutritional treat).

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Organic, Non-intoxicating Hemp Supplements

Provide your cat with extra strength, fortified blend of
Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil

Aggression & Anxiousness

Hip & Joint Pain

Skin & Coat Irritation

Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals 5-IN-1 Multivitamin Plus Supplements for Cats 100g


Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Supplements for Cats 100g


Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals Hip & Joint Plus - Supplements for Cats 100g


Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals Skin & Coat Plus Supplements for Cats 100g


Natural Supplements for Cats

Keeping your pet healthy, happy and always full of energy is very important for every pet owner. A sustainable diet can support an animal’s life quality. But even a proper diet and fresh food, it will not always provide the expected beneficial results. At Vetalogica, we make sure to offer the best aid for your pet’s well-being with our collection of vitamins and supplements. Here, you will find our range of products to implement into a daily pet feeding routine.

Vetalogica created a new type of long-lasting, chewable and natural supplements to support and manage your cat’s health. These little chewables can be used as an addition to the meal routine and as a delicious little treat for your pet.


Cat Joint Health Supplements

Cats are known to be very agile and energetic animals, flexible muscles help them leap around the house, play and hunt. Still, any pet has a chance to have bone and joint issues, resulting in severe and costly health problems. Regardless of age, cats can start limping, have trouble climbing the stairs or jump, have joint stretches and stiffness, and personality changes.

Vetalogica offers natural joint supplements for cats, an essential chewable treat to assist pets with an unbalanced diet. Our exclusive Glucosamend® joint care formulation is specially formulated and contains necessary vitamins and minerals, maintaining normal growth and development in cats. These supplements do not have any artificial colours or flavours; instead, they provide a tasty chicken or duck meat taste your cat will surely appreciate.


Support Your Cat’s Well-Being

Sometimes, it is hard to take care of your cat’s well-being, be it mental or physical health. Pets tend to stress over many things, resulting in skin and fur conditions, which can be extremely unpleasant and affect the overall quality of life. Issues like hairball formations are usually caused by excessive shedding and lack of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and 6, leading to unhealthy skin irritations.

Vetalogica feline vitamin supplements for cats contain a soothing formula of Omega oils, Zinc and Antioxidants to support cats with dry, flaky skin by replenishing skin oils. Our skin and shedding care blend product is exclusively developed with natural ingredients and includes essential omega oils, minerals and antioxidants, providing revitalising effect and advanced skincare solution.


Maintain Emotional Stability

Like humans, pets are prone to experience uncomfortable times and situations like vet visits, staying alone for a long time, loud sounds, or car trips. Our tranquil supplements for cats contain natural ingredients, Tryptophan and B-group vitamins, which help maintain emotional balance caused by different environments, travel or separation stress. Vetalogica's Feline Tranquil Formula tablets are vitamins for cats with a unique non-drowsy formulation and delicious taste that make a perfect chewable treat while assisting with necessary emotional stability.


Buy Cat Supplements Online

Vetalogica offers a selection of natural supplements for cats at affordable prices and a great mix of delicious flavours. We provide the best health vitamin support with the highest quality results.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Vetalogica through our pet hotline at (02) 9729 2112 or 1300 881 730. Our team of specialists is always happy to help you choose the right product for your pets.