8-Point Australia Day Fireworks Checklist

Fireworks can be a fun experience for us, but quite often it is scary for dogs. The loud, unexpected sounds of fireworks can cause stress and anxiety in many dogs. Before Australia Day comes around, here is an 8-point checklist to look out for to ensure your dog is well looked after.

  1. Make sure you exercise your dog leading up to the fireworks.
  2. Keep your dog indoors where possible, preferably in air conditioned comfort. It is not suggested to take your dog with you to watch the fireworks outside. Dogs may be more sensitive to outdoors since they have acute hearing and sense of smell.
  3. Create a safe and secure retreat area in your home for your dog so that they feel comfortable. Give a good quality chew toy to keep them busy and play gentle music in the background.
  4. Give your dog a treat to make them feel special and loved. This can quite often soothe their anxiety.
  5. Keep windows and doors closed to avoid external stimulus. Cover windows with blinds. Quite often seeing the fireworks causes anxiety as well.
  6. Make sure dogs are fitted with ID tags with properly fitted collars.
  7. Supplementation: Use a quality supplement that contains Tryptophan, Taurine and B-Group vitamins to help maintain calmness. Vetalogica’s Canine Tranquil Formula and VitaRapid Tranquil Daily Treats for dogs are a great solution.
  8. Most importantly, stay calm. Be there to comfort your dog in case they suffer from anxiety and the best way to do so is to reassure and soothe your dog’s nervousness.

Although fireworks can be a scary time for dogs, with the proper preparation and care plan, you can help manage and maintain emotional calmness in dogs.

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