Crafting Small Batch Pet Foods

Small batch relates to a type of small-scale production in which goods are made in smaller quantities, often by means of traditional or craft methods.

Here at Vetalogica, we believe how our products are made is just as important as what ingredients are used.

Crafting a quality pet food requires a strict dedication to sourcing from local farms and using nutrient-rich ingredients in small batch preparations. Vetalogica works closely with local Australian farmers and suppliers to source quality ingredients, including our hormone-free chicken from local NSW farms, salmon from the pristine-waters of Tasmania or pasture-raised lamb from SA. Australia has some of the finest ingredients in the world, and we are proud to feature these in our natural, grain free pet foods.

We also use recipes which feature natural ingredients and contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, soy, gluten, grain, corn, wheat or rice. We do not include cheap fillers but rather, quality meats in biologically appropriate proportions carefully blended with fruits and vegetables for complete and balanced nutrition.

Once the ingredient selection has been blended together, small batches of no more than 250kg are prepared in Vetalogica’s own Sydney, NSW kitchens. We never outsource production to ensure only the highest quality standards are maintained.

By crafting small batches, pet foods are more delicately cooked and better mixed for a fresher, higher quality product. Whereas some big pet food manufacturers make tonnes of product and store it on shelves, Vetalogica does the exact opposite and prepares batches daily, focusing more on quality and taste rather than volume. By doing so, it also allows for better nutritional outcomes for dogs and cats.

For us, ‘small batch’ is part of a larger ethical approach to crafting quality pet food products, where care and attention to detail influence the quality and characteristics of the final product. Ultimately, not only do dogs and cats love the taste more, the health benefits and nutritional outcomes are significantly greater for our pets.

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