Does your pet have itchy skin?

Spring and Summer months can be particularly problematic for dogs and cats suffering from itchy or irritated skin. Increased factors including pollen, grass and other environmental irritants can impact significantly on pet skin health. Dry, itchy skin can also be as a result of an imbalance of oil and moisture in the skin, often as a result of inferior shampoo quality.

As with humans, pets too need the appropriate levels of nutrition from foods and supplements. Unfortunately, many of the pet foods on the market today contain cheap ingredients or ‘fillers’. Ingredients to avoid are grains (including corn, wheat and rice), artificial colours, artificial flavours, genetically modified foods (GMO’s) and artificial preservatives.

Our pet’s largest organ is the skin and it is directly impacted by what we feed them and by what comes in contact with their skin and coats. It is essential to provide the adequate daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as omega fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat.

Symptoms of Skin Problems:

  • Persistent scratching, biting, licking or chewing of the skin and paws
  • Appearance of red sores (hot spots)
  • Excessive hair loss or shedding
  • Scaly or oozing areas on the skin

Dietary and Nutritional Support:

  • Provide a supplement or food which has a high meat content (over 50%)
  • Ensure foods and treats are manufactured in HACCP certified facilities
  • Avoid grains, artificial colours/flavours, preservatives and GMO’s!
  • Use a skin supplement with clinically researched levels of omega fatty acids and blended with vitamins and minerals including Biotin, Zinc and Vitamin E

Finally, there are some lifestyle factors which can assist in proper skin care in pets. Use a sulphate free shampoo, groom your pets regularly, always have water available for adequate hydration and use skin supplements daily. If your pet is still showing any symptoms of skin issues, you should seek professional advice from your veterinarian.

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