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Organic, Non-Intoxicating Hemp

Provide your dog with support and comfort.


Why Give Your Dog Vetalogica's
Hemp Clinicals?

Support and Comfort for:


Hip & Joint Pain

Skin & Coat Irritation

Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals 5-IN-1 Multivitamin Treats for Dogs 225g


Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals Calming Treats for Dogs 225g


Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals Hip & Joint Treats for Dogs 225g


Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals Skin & Coat Treats for Dogs 225g


Calming Plus Supplements for Dogs contain a unique formulation designed to soothe and gently appease dogs. This formula is rich in minerals, antioxidants and fibre to support calmness in dogs. Our products contain organic hemp seed and organic hemp seed oil that is 100% sourced in Australia and is an abundant source of natural protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, necessary for sustaining healthy well-being. Our treats are designed for supplementary feeding and do not constitute a complete and balanced diet. Pet parents can also use these concentrated chewable supplements for their dogs during travel, separation or environmental stress.

Vetalogica's Hemp Multivitamins For Your Pooch

Are multivitamins beneficial for dogs? The answer is YES! Dogs need the best quality of healthcare, including vitamins and minerals. Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals 5-in-1 Multivitamin Dog Treats have a special formula to promote dogs general health and immunity. It helps maintain healthy skin and coat, hips and joints, digestion, immune system and heart. Taking care of your pets is an investment, but the love we can get from them is endless.

Give Your Dog Extra Strength and a Healthier Skin

What does dog nutrition have to do with hemp? Hemp Supplements for Dogs have the advantage of providing essential vitamins and minerals to dogs creating an optimal health and wellbeing. Vetalogica's organic, non-intoxicating hemp supplements strengthen the immune system, support a healthy weight, increase energy, and improve skin and coat. To help keep your dog calm and healthy, give the daily dose of delicious Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs. You can support your dogs with healthy skin and shiny coats thanks to our non-intoxicating Hemp Clinicals Skin & Coat Treats

Taking Good Care of your Dogs

It is important to understand what kind of food and supplements will be the most suitable for your dog to provide enough prebiotics and vitamins. Dog training and feeding are easily manageable when you know what to do. Using Vetalogica's Australian made products and hemp treats for dogs, we ensure that your dog’s growth is well-balanced and properly managed.  

Why Buy at Vetalogica?

Vetalogica produces all the necessary products for the health of your pet. Be assured that the products we offer are freshly prepared and Australian-made. As a family-owned company, we make sure to support local farmers and use authentic natural ingredients.  Shipping is FREE on orders over $29. Should you have any enquiries, contact us on (02) 9729 2112 or by filling our contact form.