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Cats love the food and it’s at a good price. Highly recommended the product


My dog thrives on this product it’s now my preferred dog food

Great aussie made products my 2 dachshunds on this food for 3 years highly recommend this product 👌

Dog treats

Reasonable delivery time, can not leave a review on products iam not the one eating them, but the dog seems to like them a lot.

So glad we now have a variety pack.

Dogs must be a bit like us when it comes to food and love variety. Tully can now have 4 great flavours on rotation, and if we choose she can even have 8 rotations by using half a pack at a time. Great decision by you Vetalogica.

Vetalogica Naturals Grain Free Lamb Adult Dog Food

24x100g Sample Size Dog Food Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate

My dog loves it,

She has been grain free for her life and this encourages this for her, she is 14 and still lively,

Good , the cats like it.

Our cats enjoy all Vetalogica products so far.

Dog yreats

Fast delivery great seller will buy from you again highly recommend

Vetalogica Puppy

Originally got samples and our new toy cavoodle loved it. Was her top choice among three we chose. Upon receiving it she’s now changed her mind but I mix it with her old food and I’m determined to get her back in it as I think it’s super healthy for her. It even smells better than other dog kibble.

My dog has really improved

Fisherman's feast

The pellets are wonderful.
Just trying something different.
Postage quick.

Furbabies love it

My girls love this food. Their bowls are licked clean every time.
Also does not affect the tummies.
Two happy girls!

My dog has had some gut issues since staying this but hopefully this will settle

My dog has had some gut issues since changing to this, but hopefully this will settle

My Pooch loves this

Still trying to work out which flavours my pooch prefers. She's not a huge fan of lamb but appears to like Riverland.

Not suitable for my dog

Unfortunately it is not the right product for me. One of my dogs experienced watery stools and wind even with just a small amount of the food mixed with her regular food. It did not improve and I discontinued feeding any to her after about 3 weeks. She had the same reaction to all 3 flavours of the samples I ordered. My guess is that the chick peas in it upset her stomach because she has had similar reactions to other food that contains chick peas. It suits my other dog but I need a food that suits both dogs. I appreciate being able to try the sample

My pooch is not a fan

Still trying to work out which flavours my pooch prefers. She's not a huge fan of lamb but will eat it if it's the only thing in her bowl

Grain Free Lamb Adult Food

Dogs love it, but the kibble size could be larger.


Poodles don't mind it never happy with dry food but will eat this

Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate Riverland Red Cat Food 3kg

4 x 100g Vetalogica Naturals Grain Free Salmon Adult Dog Food SAMPLES

Looks like a great product but the 2nd listed ingredient is chicken fat which makes it an unsuitable food for my dog as she is allergic to chicken and has to stay on a single protein diet which this isn’t