Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Vitamins for Dogs 300g | Vetalogica
Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Vitamins for Dogs 300g | Vetalogica
Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Vitamins for Dogs 300g | Vetalogica
Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Vitamins for Dogs 300g | Vetalogica
Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Vitamins for Dogs 300g | Vetalogica

Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Vitamins for Dogs 300g | Vetalogica

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Introducing Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Supplements for Dogs- the ultimate solution to keep your canine friend calm and relaxed all day long. Our supplements are perfect for all ages and help maintain calmness in dogs, especially during travel, separation, or environmental stress.

Crafted by pharmacists in Vetalogica's own Sydney Kitchens, our organic hemp supplements are formulated with Chamomile and L-Tryptophan to provide a natural and "non-intoxicating" formula that your dog will love. Our Australian fish and sweet potato daily supplements are not only delicious but also grain-free, with no artificial colours/flavours, no glutens or GMOs. Your dog will enjoy a tasty and healthy supplement that will help them stay calm and relaxed.

Our organic hemp is 100% sourced in Australia and is an abundant source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making it one of the few naturally occurring complete protein sources in the plant world. It is also packed full of minerals, antioxidants, and fibre. With our hemp super benefits, your dog will not only stay calm but also receive a nutritional boost that will keep them healthy and happy.

Don't wait any longer to give your dog the supplement they deserve. Order Hemp Clinicals Calming Plus Supplements for Dogs today and see the difference it can make in your canine friend's life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Liz Blundell

I think it’s going to take a little extra time with my Ted. He was a Covid ‘baby’ and missed out on all the early essential socialisation. He was also badly frightened by a car that backfired right next to him. We are going to an agility school which he loves, they are small classes so he copes well with the dogs and handlers. So I have my fingers crossed that he just needs a-bit more time on these ‘calming treats’

Easy to administer and helps keep my dog neutral

My dog had a period a month ago where he was very reactive. At the time he bit my husband and attacked me twice. He’s (now) an 11.5 month old working doberman. This period only went for 3 weeks and now he’s been totally different. As part of his post reactive phase I’ve been giving him the hemp calming tablets and the long lasting ones by Vetologica in the hope that his random outburst a few weeks ago was his second fear period and not an idiopathic aggressive issue. He has shown significant improvement in his ability to rationalise and not go from 0-100 quickly. It’s almost like he’s able to regulate his emotions better. My husband has adhd so I know what it’s like with a neurodivergent person who can have emotional regulation issues. My dog is able to stay in low/neutral drive for longer periods of the day and when he does something silly like try to chase the horse, my warning tone is enough to stop him in his tracks. Prior to this, he would chase the horse (a Clydesdale) and run around his feet trying to nip him. This behaviour has basically stopped.

I’m certain and leading more towards the episode of a few weeks ago as potentially being his second fear period and not idiopathic aggression and with the introduction of these calming chews he is able to stay calmer for longer. It doesn’t make him dopey or sleepy either. He just stays calm - exactly like our other doberman does. As a result of seeing him on this for two weeks I immediately subscribed. It’s a small price to pay to ensure that during these critical growth and learning periods he can stay calm and absorb his teachings much easier without flying off the handle.


Best calming treats ever.

Simone Alcorso
They do work

I tried a couple of other supplements for my dog Cleo a Swedish Vallhund with no noticeable difference. She had been suffering from anxiety and not settling in to our recent move. I give her one of these each day in the morning and she is back to her old self. Such a relief to see. I also feed Vetalogica to my dogs mixed with other high grade foods and they are thriving. I highly recommend these products to anyone wishing to try them.

Jenelle Crowther

My cavalier has been on this for a week or so and I can really see a big difference. He gets this around dinner and puts him to sleep. He normally wakes me up around 4.00 am for food but it is later. I will definitely purchase this again

Crafted in sydney, nsw

batched daily for freshness

We source 100% of our ingredients from trusted Australian farmers and prepare batches daily so your pet can enjoy fresh, quality food.

Prepared by pharmacists

Every batch is carefully crafted daily by Registered Australian Pharmacists to ensure the highest quality standards. Our recipes are cooked at low-temperatures to 'lock-in' nutrients and are scientifically formulated with natural ingredients.

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